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How does it work?

Employers and trade union members used to decide on your CLA, but not any more. With DigiC, everyone gets a voice in the collective bargaining. We have designed a clear process for this purpose. In 7 steps, we determine the CLA topics, investigate the needs of all employees and conclude a CLA with grass-roots support. This wish of the employees is binding at the negotiating table. So, if the employees want something, De Unie wants it as well!

1. Panel

Panels of employees and the employer determine the CLA topics.

2. Survey

All employees complete a survey, in which they indicate what they want.

3. Preliminary

An independent research agency analyses the results and draws up a preliminary report.

4. Panel

The panellists from Step 1 discuss the preliminary report and provide feedback.

5. Definitive

An independent research agency processes the feedback and draws up the final report. Everyone gets to read this report: the employer, employees and trade unions.

6. Negotiations

The collective bargaining begins. The starting point is known: the report.

7. Voting

All employees vote on the outcome of the negotiations.

8. CLA

Congratulations, you have a CLA that everyone supports!

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